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My Poetry Book has been Published!

A year ago I completed a poetry challenge – write a poem a day for 20 days. My poems were to be published in my own poetry book. At first the publishers were quick to respond to my questions and formatting edits. I paid to use my own cover art. But after that I never heard a word. I emailed, waited months, emailed again. No replies. No idea if or when it would finally be published. I gave it up as a scam.

Then, this month, I happened to see a link for Barnes and Noble with my name on it. What?? I was amazed to find my poetry book! I searched Amazon and it was there, too! It showed the published date of August 2023. I searched my emails and I did find one buried there, from an unfamiliar email address, notifying me of my book being published.

I also had thought I would receive a copy of my poetry book in the mail, but no, I had to order my own. It just arrived! I didn’t want to tell anyone until I had it in my hand and could make sure it was formatted nicely. It’s what you’d call a Poetry Chapbook. It is exciting to have my very own book! It’s full of poems that truly helped me process some difficult emotions that I hadn’t even realized were still so strong deep within.

If you are interested, you can purchase on Amazon here:

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Poems of L. E. Mastilock

Poems of L. E. Mastilock


Of silent whispers deep in the heart to songs of roaring mountain streams. A collection of poems that sprang to life in stillness while reflecting on nature, the tangles of her innermost self, and the journey L. E. Mastilock has experienced in her life.

Excerpt from a poem in the book:


Make a change, be a warrior
Be fearless and stand tall
You’re worth what life has to offer
And there’s good after all

Have you made a child smile,
Helped someone through a time?
Have you fed a hungry stomach,
Pulled a laugh out of a cry?

My poems range from sad and angry to happy and even silly. I hope you decide to order a copy and enjoy them. Better yet, find healing in them, as I do.

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