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Who Do You See?

Wild and free
Precious me
Who do you see?
I guarantee, not the real me
The face I share
The one compared
A smile to hide
What’s behind the eyes
Beneath the calm
Under the surface
Dancing and laughing
Sometimes raging
Are you wild and free?
Can you see me?

I love creating in all forms. I write short stories and poems and I am working on completing a novel. I create art in many mediums; paint, pen and ink, pencil, clay… I’ve also done a fair share of sewing and crochet. I can’t seem to stick to just one medium. There are so many to choose from and all fun in different ways.

My perfect moment would be a warm, quiet spot in the forest, by a stream, with a good book. I live in the Sierra Mountains in California, so luckily, that’s not too difficult to come by. Except in winter, when that warmth would better be found by the fireplace. I love nature, my family, cats and coffee.

My favorite books are mostly classics. I love the use of language in ages past, how elegant and descriptive… though there are some contemporary authors I love as well. I look up to greats such as Jane Austin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Shakespeare,¬†poets like Blake, Frost, Dickinson, Wild, Angelou, Silverstein.. oh, there are so many more. I wonder how I could call myself a writer coming after such artists as these.

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