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I thought it would be a simple task to paint the image I saw so clearly in my head for my book cover, of a dandelion being blown in the wind. It took me a few attempts and I was getting frustrated! I couldn’t get the colors right and, though my practice strokes were lovely, when I touched brush to my watercolor paper I would get wide or wiggly lines where I didn’t want them! I think I was just being impatient. I hadn’t let the background wash dry completely in my first attempts.

I forced myself to slow down and take my time and finally completed a painting I was happy with. The original painting is purple and blue with some hints of lighter colors, but I edited the final image to go with black and white with a slightly blue tint to it. This more closely reflect my mood at the time of writing these poems.

I submitted it and got my proof back with the text included for my collection of poems book. I love it! What do you think?

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