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It’s here! I just received the proof for my poetry book; for the 21 poem a day challenge I completed. The book is simply titled ‘Poems of L. E. Mastilock’. Nothing fancy. This is a raw journey from pain to healing and any other title just didn’t sit right. A second challenge has arrived: what the cover shall look like.

I could have made things easy on myself and opted for a generic image, but I want my cover to reflect me and the words within. I will be painting my own cover design. I had best get started. I have an idea in mind of a dandelion being blown apart by the wind. Dandelions are undervalued and resilient. I do not now feel undervalued, but early in life, which many of the poems in this collection reflect on, I felt invisible and unimportant. Dandelions will grow even in unlikely, difficult places, and when blown to pieces by the uncaring wind, they survive and thrive. They may be missing pieces, but continue to stand strong.

Excerpt from my poem titled ‘Ownership’, included in my book:

I try to push it all down
Repress it and force it to drown
Eventually it comes crashing through
Waves washing right over you
I try to hold back, it’s not yours
Like holding a wave to the shore
Drenching all those in my path
I don’t mean to share pains of past

They’re not all dark and bleak. I wrote about mangos (yum), the wonder of books, beautiful nature, and of course cats. My cat would be seriously offended if he wasn’t included.

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