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Coffee in the am. Wine in the PM. Lover of nature and good books. And chocolate. Published author and multi media artist

Short Story Competition Round 2

I entered the NYMidnight 100 word Microfiction short story contest in April. View my earlier post: Short Story Competition. This week I found out I was in the top 15 in my genre group! I moved on to Round 2! I received my new assignment at midnight last night. Unfortunately it was Horror, my least […]

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Distraction Acrostic Poem

I wrote an acrostic poem for a poetry challenge on Vocal Media. The word assigned was distraction. Instead of thinking what distraction ( the word itself) means to me and describing it line by line, as I think a lot of acrostic poetry does, I immediately thought back to childhood. I thought of how much

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Sappho Prize for Women Poets

Yesterday I decided to enter three of my poems into the Sappho Prize for Women Poets 2023 Competition on Palette Poetry. Today, I was reading back through some of my poems, and I just submitted three more! Even if I don’t win, or never hear back at all, it feels good to be continuing writing

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Micro Fiction Challenge

Check out my short (and I mean short!) story on vocal media. I entered a microfiction challenge, which means a maximum of 100 words. That’s barely a paragraph! Read ‘The Only Way He’d Go‘ over on Vocal and let me know what you think. I haven’t heard back about the NYC Midnight Microfiction challenge, but

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