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I’m participating in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). I’m writing a poem a day for the month of April and posting it here on my blog to share. Go to NaPoWriMo.net for more details and to view many more participating poets.

Hidden Truth

Some must deal with way too much
Lives on hold
Waiting for a better world
Road blocks at every turn
Real fears, anxiety
Pain and insecurity

Others float through life
Never experiencing real strife
Not that I would wish them to
But they can’t know what we go through

Everyone has burdens, though
Unless I’m you, I could not know
How deep your pain and worries run
How much you hide behind your eyes
Or the hurts you’ve suffered from

All of us should be more kind
No way to know what’s inside
Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you
We’re all experts at hiding truth

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