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An epistolary poem is a poem written in the form of a letter. I’ve had weeks to come up with one, but I was traveling and never got around to it. I had a few hours left until the deadline and I was sitting at my computer staring at the blank document that was all the poem I had so far.

I texted my sisters, yes, procrastinating some more. I ended up in a conversation with one of them that had to do with some of the abuse we experienced as children. A few minutes after we were done texting, this poured out of me effortlessly. I am extremely proud of it and though it’s titled ‘Dear Sister’ it could easily be for any of my siblings.

I sent it to my sisters and I hope it didn’t make them cry because it makes me cry every time I read it! Or maybe they should have a good cry. Sometimes a nice big cry is healing and just what is needed.

I submitted my completed epistolary poem just in time to the writing contest on

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