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Read my short story: The Girl in the Mirror, over on Let me know what you think!

In April I’ll be participating in a 100-word Microfiction Challenge where I’ll only have 24 hours to write a story based on a genre given to me. I won’t know what that will be until my 24 hours begins, so I thought I’d give myself some practice. I worked on a few short stories in different genres; romance, sci-fi, and even horror. I don’t mind a good suspense thriller, but I’ve never liked horror and I truly hope that’s not the genre I’m stuck with, but that’s the very reason I thought I had better give it some practice. Even thinking up the beginning of scary stories creeps me out! I have too vivid an imagination and the images stick with me when I don’t want them to!

I did come up with a story and the strange thing was, the theme of my story popped up a little later that same day while I was reviewing other writing competitions. There on was a short story competition for a horror story beginning with a line that was perfect for the story I just wrote! Of course the one I wrote down was only 100 words, but there were already plenty more details in my head. So, I sat down and filled out the story to make it longer and more suspenseful (I hoped). I didn’t want to spend too long on it, as the deadline was in only two days, so it came to just over 1600 words and I submitted it to the Broken Mirror Challenge. I could have made it longer, but I needed time to edit and submit and I was down to the deadline. I’ll be extremely surprised if it gets chosen, but it was too much of a coincidence not to enter it. I already had the story! And it was a good writing exercise to flex my creative muscles.

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