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I didn’t sit down intending to write my life story or end up in a ball of tears, but that is what happened this afternoon. I didn’t know I had such a talent for making myself cry until I began writing poetry! I began by looking into what writing challenges Vocal Media currently offered. I submitted an acrostic poem, which turned to dark parts of my childhood.

Then I returned to a writing contest that I had previously decided not to enter because it involved setting up a playlist for my life and writing why each of the chosen songs had meaning. My mind was already back in time, so I just began to write, words flowing easily. Starting with the one song from childhood that can bring me to tears in an instant, Rainbow Connection. It didn’t disappoint today. As soon as I found it on Spotify and hit play, the tears began to flow.

Read my story, I’m Still Standing, and enjoy some of the greatest 80’s tunes, links included.

It’s a short synopsis of my life’s journey thus far, overcoming depression and anxiety, or at least healing enough to not allow them to rule over me. I submitted it in the writing contest ‘Melodic Milestone Playlist’ on Vocal.

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